Top 7 Must Have Apps for Software Developers

A list of top desktop applications that are a must have if you are a Software developers or love coding. The applications presented in this article are available on most platforms be it Mac, Windows, Linux.

1. Sublime Text 2

The first requirement of a coder is a good, easy to use, syntax friendly text editor. There are many contenders for this spot, but I would definately prefer Sublime Text over any. With its beautiful theme, easy to use file browser, regex searching capabilities, and numerous plugins, Sublime Text is the first choice of many programmers around the globe.

2. Iterm 2

Believe it or not, you just can't stick to GUI forever. There will definately be a time, when you'd need to open Terminal to run commands. For that, the default Terminal app is always sufficient and there is nothing fancy stuff needed for it. However, if you want additional features and customization options for your Terminal program, iTerm would be your best option. Features like split panes, autocomplete, search, instant replay will really make your life easier.

3. Github GUI App

Version control is something which every coder should practice. And one popular tool for that is git. It is very straightforward to use over the command line with it's simple set of commands. However, browsing previous versions, reading diffs and overall git experience is much better on a GUI, provided by the Github app.

4. Evernote

A good note taking application is a must for any user. But what if these notes are stored on cloud. That is the greatness of Evernote, a sleak and simple to use note taking application. It's browser extension even makes it more powerful as it enables to quickly capture web pages, data, bookmarks and save it to cloud.

5. Dash

Dash is a desktop snippet manager application. It can download documentation files for many popular programming languages and provides a search interface for searching through snippets, methods, conventions of programming languages. One can even create custom snippets and store them for future use.

6. Everything

If you are a Windows user, don't miss out on this one! This is a great desktop search engine for the NTFS formatted Windows machines. It generates index of all files on NTFS partitions in seconds and let's you search quickly among those files and folders with regex support. It sports a built-in web server which allows searching and downloading files over the web!

7. QuickSilver

For all OSX users, here is a cool app which will replace your Spotlight search engine for good. With highly customizable features, your desktop searching would never be the same with QuickSilver. Various plugins allow numerous operations on search results within the confines of QuickSilver.

Rohan Raja

Recently graduated, majoring in Mathematics and Computing from IIT Kharagpur, Rohan is a technology enthusiast and passionate programmer. Likes to apply Mathematics and Artificial Intelligence to devise creative solutions to common problems.